Professor Teaches PC Security Fundamentals

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Chapter 1: Understanding Computer Security
• About PC Security
• Introduction to Threats
• Securing Windows 7
• Types of Attacks
• Identifying Threats
• Protecting Against a Virus
• Defeating Malware

Chapter 2: Protecting Your Windows 7 System
• Introduction to Windows 7 Security
• Working witht The Action Center
• Managing Firewall Settings
• Using Windows Defender
• Setting Internet Security Options
• Setting Parental Controls
• How to Update Windows 7

Chapter 3: Setting Internet Security Options
• Securing Your Browser
• Keeping Windows Patched and Updated
• Protecting Your Privacy
• Managing Cookies
• Using Parental Controls
• Dealing with Inappropriate Content
• About Online Fraud and Predators

Chapter 4: Securing E-Mail
• About E-Mail Threats
• What is Spam?
• Dealing with Spam
• Managing Unwanted E-Mail
• E-Mail and Instant Messaging Viruses
• Securing E-Mail Using Encryption