Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

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Chapter 1: Working with Themes and Slide Masters
• Applying Multiple Themes
• Applying Themes to Slide Masters
• Formatting Slide Master Backgrounds
• Customizing Slide Masters
• Using Multiple Slide Masters
• Customizing Handout Masters

Chapter 2 Customizing Text Elements
• Formatting Text Boxes
• Arranging Text
• Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Inserting and Formatting WordArt
• Copying and Moving Text

Chapter 3 Enhancing Audio and Visual Elements
• Adding Narration
• Creating Special Effects
• Working with SmartArt
• Customizing Illustrations
• Formatting Charts

Chapter 4 Preparing Your Presentation
• Setting Slide Show Options
• Managing Presentation File Size
• Securing a Presentation
• Using the Document Inspector
• Running the Compatibility Checker
• Finalizing a Presentation

Chapter 5 Distributing Your Presentation
• Overview of Distribution Options
• Printing a Presentation
• Saving Presentations in Different Formats
• Exploring Web Options
• Saving Slides as Images