Professor Teaches HTML Fundamentals

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Chapter #1: What is HTML?
• What is a Web Browser?
• What are Versions of HTML?
• What can You Do with HTML?
• HTML Development Environments
• Using a WYSIWYG Editor
• Using an HTML Editor
• Writing Code with a Text Editor
• Publishing Documents

Chapter # 2: Review of HTML Elements
• Rules of Syntax
• Making your Code Readable
• Making your Code XHTML Compliant
• Building a Document
• Using Colors
• Adding Color to your Page
• Using Headings
• Using Paragraphs
• Using Blockquotes
• Using Entities
• Aligning Block-Level Elements

Chapter # 3: Inserting Spaces and Line Breaks
• Displaying Preformatted Text
• Formatting with Inline Elements
• Controlling Fonts
• Introducing List Elements
• Creating Unordered Lists
• Creating Ordered Lists
• Creating Definition Lists
• Nesting Lists
• Indenting Text with the <ul> Tag

Chapter #4: What is an HTML Table?
• Building a Table
• Using the Border Attribute
• Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
• Controlling Table and Cell Width
• Aligning a Table on the Page
• Aligning Tables and Text
• Aligning Table Data
• Spanning Columns and Rows
• Nesting Tables
• Adding Color to Tables
• Using Tables as a Design Tool

Chapter #5: Creating a Hyperlink
• Understanding and Using URLs
• Linking to a Web Document
• Linking to a Local Document
• Linking to Anchors
• Opening a New Browser Window
• Creating a Frameset
• Adding the Frame Elements
• Creating the Frames
• Using the Noframes Element
• Using Inline Frames

Chapter #6: Graphic File Formats
• Optimizing Image and File Size
• Inserting Inline Images
• Aligning and Formatting Images
• Using Images to Anchor Links
• Creating a Look-and-Feel
• Sizing and Scaling Images
• Using Transparent Images
• Making an Image Fade In
• Finding and Creating Graphics
• Using GIF Animation