Professor Teaches HTML Advanced

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Chapter #1: What are Imagemaps?
• Creating an Imagemap
• What are Forms?
• Creating a Login Form
• Using Mailto
• Adding Fields
• What is Multimedia?
• Adding Audio
• Embedding Flash Animation

Chapter #2: What are Style Sheets?
• Using External Style Sheets
• Using Embedded Style Sheets
• Using Inline Styles
• Using Style Sheet Syntax
• Applying Backgrounds
• Controlling Page Layout
• Formatting Text and Fonts
• Applying the Cascading Model

Chapter #3: What is JavaScript?
• Writing JavaScript
• Responding to User Events
• Calling a Function
• Working with Dates
• Working with Windows
• Creating Rollovers

Chapter #4: Positioning with Style Sheets
• Using the Position Property
• Creating Columns
• Adding a Pull Quote
• Creating Layers with Z-axis
• Creating Layers with Divisions
• Controlling Layers with JavaScript
• Creating Animation with Layers