Professor Teaches Flash Professional CS5

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Chapter #1: What is Flash?
• Starting Flash
• Understanding the Flash Workspace
• Working with Panels
• Using the Property Inspector
• Getting Help
• Playing and Testing a Flash Movie
• Saving a Flash Document

Chapter #2: Planning a Movie
• Starting with a Template
• Setting Document Properties
• Working with Tools
• Positioning Objects
• Understanding Layers
• Working with the History Panel

Chapter #3: Understanding Animation
• Using Frames
• Transforming with Shape Tweens
• Moving Objects with Motion Tweens
• Animating with Motion Paths
• Animating with Masks
• Adding Timeline Effects
• Animating with Prebuilt Timeline Effects
• Animating Frame-by-Frame

Chapter #4: Working with Scenes
• Creating Symbols and Instances
• Using the Library Panel
• Adding Graphics
• Working with Movie Clips
• Adding Audio
• Importing Video

Chapter #5: Creating Buttons
• Assigning Button Sounds
• Understanding Actions and ActionScript
• Creating Forms
• Working with Form Components

Chapter #6: Preparing to Publish
• Running Check Spelling
• Using Movie Explorer
• Finding and Replacing
• Printing Flash Documents
• Publishing Flash Documents
• Analyzing and Optimizing Movies
• Using Preloaders
• Embedding Flash in Web Pages