Professor Teaches Expression Web 4

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Chapter #1: What is Expression Web?
• Starting Expression Web
• Getting to Know the Expression Web Screen
• Working With Toolbars
• Customizing Expression Web
• Using Task Panes
• Viewing the Folders List
• Getting Help
• Closing a Web Page
• Exiting Expression Web

Chapter #2: Understanding the Web Creation Process
• Creating a Web Site with a Template
• Viewing Page Elements
• Adding a Web Page
• Saving a Web Page
• Understanding HTML and CSS
• Changing the Page View
• Defining Page Properties

Chapter #3: Understanding Text
• Editing Banner Text
• Entering Text
• Importing Text
• Formatting Text
• Creating a List
• Adding Multiple Levels to a List
• Applying a Style

Chapter #4: Understanding Graphic Elements
• Adding a Picture File
• Selecting and Moving Graphics
• Using the Pictures Toolbar
• Aligning and Modifying Pictures
• Creating Auto Thumbnails

Chapter #5: Understanding Hyperlinks
• Adding Internal Hyperlinks
• Creating an Image Link
• Adding External Hyperlinks
• Creating an Image Map
• Inserting Interactive Buttons
• Adding a Jump Menu
• Managing and Repairing Links

Chapter #6: Introduction to CSS
• Changing CSS Preferences
• Using the CSS Task Panes
• Creating and Applying CSS Styles
• Working with Style Sheets
• Modifying a Style
• Using CSS Layouts

Chapter #7: Understanding Web Site Management Tools
• Generating Reports
• Managing Files
• Viewing and Verifying Hyperlinks
• Previewing Your Web Site in a Browser
• Understanding Servers
• Publishing Your Web Site